Now What?

This blog has been online for several years now, but how often do I post? Not regularly, that is for sure. The reason I rarely post is because most of the time I am writing in my head, but never take the time to sit down and actually type out my thoughts. Being the mother of two boys, my days are fast paced and busy so, by the time I sit down, all I want to do is crush some candy or catch up on my reading.

Prior to having two kids, I was able to write often, but not the kind of writing that made me happy. My days were filled with Teen Mom gossip and I would often wake up in the middle of the night to write an article. My second pregnancy was filled with complications and by the time little Auggie arrived, I knew that I needed to slow down and focus on my family more so than ever.

I stepped back from writing shortly after he was born. We homeschool so I threw myself into that even more than I had before. I have enjoyed having time to pursue other interests such as crafting and couponing, but I have missed writing so much. Friends have told me to blog, but about what? I don’t have any interesting thoughts (I don’t think so, anyway) and, even if I did, would I have the time to sit down and write them out for people to read?

Interestingly, I decided to get back into blogging a few hours ago, but the spark has been there for a few days. Recently, I have started researching for a novel that I hope to start writing next month. That research led me to where I have been extensively researching my family tree (that will not be in my novel, it is just a fun side project that popped up randomly) which had me thinking about blogging.

When I turned on my computer tonight, it wasn’t to blog, at least not on my own site. I am an administrator on another blog for which I keep updated and I intended on doing that. Instead, after a day on Pinterest and viewing other fun blogs, I realized that I can do what other stay-at-home moms do and I can do it just as good. My goal now is to take my love of writing and house it here in some form.

Let’s do this.