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Must See Tour: Green Day’s Revolution Radio

When it comes to music, I have always been the kind of person who listens to a little bit of everything. Sure, I have favorite bands, but I am always up for attending any concert that comes to town. When it was announced that Green Day would be coming to my area, I knew that I wanted to be in attendance.

While I had never been a hard-core Green Day fan, I genuinely enjoyed their music and appreciated that Billie Joe Armstrong penned the lyrics to their songs. However, I will admit that I had not listened to every song of theirs, but was a fan of the typical radio-played songs.

For Valentine’s Day, my husband gifted me PIT tickets to the show. Due to traffic, we didn’t get to the show as early as we would have liked, but we still ended up very close to the stage. The awesome view made the night that much better.

We sang, we danced, and we screamed when Billie Joe Armstrong directed us to do so. Best of all, though, we came away with a new appreciation for Green Day. Not only were they beyond entertaining, but the tickets were well-worth the money we spent. The most amazing part of the show was to watch the interaction between the band and the fans. Billie Joe Armstrong pulled many fans on stage to sing with them and even brought a guitar-playing fan on stage to play.

I have been to many shows and even met the members of my favorite band, but this Green Day concert is by far the most memorable and my favorite concert that I have attended.