My name is Corrina Jean, but I have two wonderful sons who call me “mommy.” I grew up in Pennsylvania, but my home is now at the beach with the love of my life. I am a vegetarian that is trying to go vegan and, most days, I succeed. My family and I are Baptists and attend church regularly.

Writing has been my passion since I was five-years-old. In high school, I was co-editor of the high school newspaper and knew that I wanted to pursue writing as a career path. While I did pursue writing as a main career for several years, it was not the kind of writing that I ever pictured myself penning.

I attended Liberty University where I received an Associate’s Degree in General Studies. After some thought, I have transferred to Regent University and am finishing up my degree in English.

For over five years, I was a celebrity gossip writer and found a niche in the “Teen Mom” community. I watched the show religiously and wrote about it daily. While I was making a decent living and gaining valuable experience, I didn’t feel that celebrity gossip was my calling. I have also been a fan of pop culture, but felt that I wasn’t using my God-given talents to their full potential, nor in a pleasing manner.

After my second son was born, I stepped back from celebrity writing, but have recently started writing again, although this time it is more creative writing. I do not know where this venture will take me, but I am always looking for new writing ventures.