So Long, Celebrity Gossip

Update: Tonight is the Teen Mom 2 season premiere. I decided to switch gears with my writing a few weeks ago and, as a result, will not be covering anything from the new season or Teen Mom related. My focus is now creative writing.

Writing is my passion and has been since I was a child. Hollywood has always been my second passion. The celebrity culture has intrigued me from a young age and I always yearned to be as close to it as possible.

One thing I never saw myself doing, though, was writing celebrity gossip. Being a gossip writer isn’t exactly respected nor does it require a lot of talent. However, I fell into a job writing celebrity gossip quite some time ago and I was never able to pull myself out of the abyss.

With so much negativity, I made it a point to keep anything that I wrote positive… do you know how exhausting that can become? My main focus was the reality television show franchise Teen Mom. My positive articles helped me to get to know some of the cast members. While wonderful, this made writing about them even harder. When you see a headline and you know that it is embellished, it makes it hard to write about it at all. In fact, the negativity had become so much that I found myself forcing myself to write. My passion had become an obligation and something I no longer enjoyed. I never wanted writing to become that to me so I quit the celebrity gossip scene.

It has been hard, but at the same time, it has been fantastic. I have more time to spend with my sons and a more positive outlook. I also have many more opportunities for my talents and although I haven’t made a clear decision on what I want to do or where I want to go with my writing, I know I made the right choice.



The Positive Approach

Don’t you love when you go to church and what the Pastor is preaching is exactly what you need to hear? That happened to me this past Sunday. We ready from 1 Kings and talked about how God will isolate you, take you away from the things that you so regularly depend on so that you can only depend on him. While that part spoke to me, there was another part that hit home for me more and that is doing the right thing, morally.

In today’s world, it is so easy to give in to society’s demands in nearly every business sector. Plain and simple, I write celebrity gossip. I love my job and have been doing it since 2008, but my style of writing has changed over the years.

The pastor talked about how it is easy to “make a quick buck,” in our jobs and when he said that, I couldn’t help but think about the tabloids that spew celebrity hate or the bloggers who will take a tweet and make it more dramatic. Morally, most people WANT to do the right thing, but financially they can’t afford to.

For several years, I took the gossipy route of writing. I was just starting out and, to a new writer, watching the number of views rise is pivotal in choosing the style of voice they will use. In my earliest of days, I focused my work on Miley Cyrus. Back then, she was 17-years-old, on the verge of adulthood and breaking out of her shell. Miley was caught clubbing? The Disney darling caught smoking? Was that Miley Cyrus drinking ALCOHOL? No matter what she did, writing about it earned views, but what earned more views was the gossipy things that I just mentioned.

[Off topic.. but remember when that whole “Miley Save Fuzzy” thing went down? There was a Twitter user who threatened to cook and eat their cat if Miley did not reinstate her Twitter account? I actually interviewed that individual via email and, for some reason, I still wonder if that was an elaborate prank or a deranged fan. I still don’t know.]

Overtime, however, I didn’t feel good about myself with the things I was writing. I took a new approach and, at first, it wasn’t very popular, just as my Pastor revealed on Sunday. My views went down, a lot. Few people want to read about positive things; No, most people thrive on the negativity so that they can feel better about themselves. It is a shame that news is more valuable than the positive.

Eventually, I was able to gain a bigger audience with my positive posts. I feel a lot better with myself and I am doing better now than I was when I was on the other end of the spectrum.

At the end of the day, doing the right thing may not be the most popular thing to do. But, in life, it isn’t about popularity (well, it is for some people.) For me, it  is about doing what I love (writing) and doing it well.


Kardashian Kraziness

oh, the Kardashians. As a pop culture writer, I am required to immerse myself with all things popular. The Kardashians are not a lot of things, but one thing that they are (for some insane reason) is popular. Sigh.

It started when I was writing for the Christian website Project Inspired. They asked me to write about the Kardashians and why they are not good role models. Initially, most would agree that, although entertaining, they are not people teen girls should look up to. With only a premise to go on, I had to spend hours researching these girls and pin pointing the exact reasons as to why they were not good role models. Along the way, I learned about the entire Kardashian/Jenner clan and I now get to bestow my Kardashian knowledge unto the world. Lucky you.

After so many articles chronicling the events of this family, I still wonder what it is exactly that entices people. Yes, they are beautiful and live a lavish lifestyle, but why get so immersed into it? Why not focus on yourself and your own life?

I suppose my working theory as to why people love the Kardashians is because, for those who live an average life, this is their way of living vicariously through the Kardashian klan. This is a life that many of us will never have and watching these reality shows and following every detail of their lives is the only way we can be close to it.

I’m still not watching Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s.