So Long, Celebrity Gossip

Update: Tonight is the Teen Mom 2 season premiere. I decided to switch gears with my writing a few weeks ago and, as a result, will not be covering anything from the new season or Teen Mom related. My focus is now creative writing.

Writing is my passion and has been since I was a child. Hollywood has always been my second passion. The celebrity culture has intrigued me from a young age and I always yearned to be as close to it as possible.

One thing I never saw myself doing, though, was writing celebrity gossip. Being a gossip writer isn’t exactly respected nor does it require a lot of talent. However, I fell into a job writing celebrity gossip quite some time ago and I was never able to pull myself out of the abyss.

With so much negativity, I made it a point to keep anything that I wrote positive… do you know how exhausting that can become? My main focus was the reality television show franchise Teen Mom. My positive articles helped me to get to know some of the cast members. While wonderful, this made writing about them even harder. When you see a headline and you know that it is embellished, it makes it hard to write about it at all. In fact, the negativity had become so much that I found myself forcing myself to write. My passion had become an obligation and something I no longer enjoyed. I never wanted writing to become that to me so I quit the celebrity gossip scene.

It has been hard, but at the same time, it has been fantastic. I have more time to spend with my sons and a more positive outlook. I also have many more opportunities for my talents and although I haven’t made a clear decision on what I want to do or where I want to go with my writing, I know I made the right choice.



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